TrueBright™ Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer
TrueBright™ Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer
TrueBright™ Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer
TrueBright™ Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer
TrueBright™ Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

TrueBright™ Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

"This is so compact it fits right in my drawer! Seals every jar so easily! I don't need to deal with my bulky sealer for just a few jars, Truly a game changer!!"
- Lisa B. | Charleston, WV.

The Original True Bright!

The Only Compact, Easy-To-Use, and Hassle-Free Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer!
  • Fits Store-bought Lids
  • Consistent and Long-Lasting Sealing
  • As Compact as a Coffee Mug
  • No Special Lids Needed
  • Reseal & Reuse Your Lids Easily
30 days trial. Not satisfied? Full refund guaranteed.

Prolong Freshness with Ease in just 30 seconds.

Prevent your food to go stale fast with the press of a button. TrueBright™ effortlessly seals ensuring fresher goods for longer.*

FREE lid releaser included

Reuse Lids with Confidence!

Don't Toss Your Sealed Lids! With our Lid Releaser you can pop open and reseal effortlessly! Included FREE for a limited time only (Valued at $5.99)

Safely Protects from Humidity and Keeps Bugs Away Instantly!

With its strong suction power, True Bright Sealer ensures your jars are tightly sealed, safeguarding your pantry staples from humidity and keeping pesky bugs out!

Ditch The Complicated Sealers

Compact and cordless, TrueBright™ easily vacuum seals your mason jars, fitting perfectly in your drawer.

Lasting Seal or Your Money Back!1

You'll get our famous "Seal Guarantee" with your purchase! If your proper stored sealed jar loses its seal within a month of purchase, you don't have to pay a penny!1
Get even more!

FREE Pack of Lids Included With Every Sealer!

We want you to start sealing right away! Don't miss out on our current sale! Get a complimentary pack of 10 lids with your purchase! (Valued at $7.99)


Suitable With Any Regular or Wide Mouth Lids!

With its all-in-one design, you can vacuum seal regular or wide-mouth jars effortlessly, no special lids needed!

Secure Seal for Dry and Liquids. Zero Spills!

Seal liquids securely with its powerful vacuum. Refrigeration is essential to prevent spoilage for any non-shelf-ready items.*

Loved By Thousands! ❤️


Wow, this thing is amazing!
I prepared and sealed some of the free soup recipes included with it and they turned out awesome!. Can't wait to seal up more stuff from my pantry with it!

Brenda Adams

Dayton, Ohio


Check out my lettuce in the picture! Been in the fridge for 21 days, opened one and still super crisp as when I sealed it. Absolutely love it!

Marnie Lynn

Lancing, Michigan


Wow. I love this tool. I’m going to change the way I protect food in my pantry over to glass jars.

Danna Harvey

Charlotte, North Carolina

Multiple Jars Sealed on a Single Charge!

TrueBright™ offers extended sealing capacity with its rechargeable, low-consumption battery. Seal numerous jars on one charge!

*Following expiration date stamps on product. Please follow FDA and USDA food preservation guidelines. This product does not replace canning in any form.

1Only on properly sealed items with clean jar lids and rims. And only in use of new, unused regular or wide canning lids with a functioning sealer and proper care and storage. Also jar contents must be stored appropriately (pantry, refrigerator, or freezer) as per FDA in this Article.